Bobby Raygun
Bad boy Bobby Raygun showing off how great his physique is for showing of Walton Xi Huang's new range of youth products called Young Western Kings.

We talk to Bobby Raygun about his latest smash hit collaboration with J.P-E, his new brand of clothes and the truth behind THAT incident at the WXH-TV awards ceremony.

When I arrive at Goldfist studios I’m met at reception by two surly body guards who lead me through the plush labyrinthine corridors of what Bobby Raygun calls his second home. A state of the art playground full of everything a growing rapper could ever need …and growing is what Raygun has done. Since his debut Rays of Hope was released ten months ago the artist has gone from strength to strength, winning six awards for the record, seen in the company of a variety of top models and notable starlet Amelia Swanson, a cameo in hit TV show The Force and a lucrative position as designer for Walton Xi Huang’s new urban range Young Western Kings alongside the likes of Libby Baron and Teeth Collider.

When we eventually reach the studio Bobby, draped in silver and fur,  is sprawled out on a couch with a bottle of ‘Shinzy’ in one hand and the other wrapped around what this journalist can only describe as the second most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. The speakers are blaring out the deep bass of a work in progress and the crew in the room are all nodding along beholding to the sheer crank and thrum of it all.

Bobby looks up, a wry smile dawning his face.

“Who’s this slick, stuck up motherfucker?” he asks, and on hearing my name, adds “Oh yeah, the bitch from that mag who loves my shit.”

The thrill of the moment is almost too much for this reporter to take and I have to ask for somewhere to sit before I pass out from the excitement.

As the interview gets under way it’s clear to see why Bobby has gotten to where he is today with his charisma and quick wit. When I ask him about his infamous MOMENT at the WXH awards he doesn’t hesitate in stating “mu’fuckers like me are born with loose lips and snake hips. Not a lot of people get where individuals like me are coming from. Hey! I apologised to both those girls and the medical costs were covered by the label.”

When we get onto the subject of his collaboration with JP-E, Bobby’s face lights up. “That boy is like my brother from another mother. We met in school and we’re thick as motherfuckin’ thieves. Most motherfuckers would be in class learning about economics, law and that shit and me and JP would be round the back gettin’ blazed up and spittin’ mad lyrics to the girls from school over the hill. Man, bitches got mad wet.

  “A little while later we sold off some shit we inherited and put together a mixtape. Some friends of ours new people at Walton Xi Huang media, got it in the hands of the right people. Leak hear it. He loved it. He said ‘get those guys in my studio, now.’ and life has been a wild ride that I’ve been ball deep in for the last year.

“JP-E and me, we sat down and said let’s make the best summer anthem there’s ever been. When you write a song like Modern Life you know that it’s changing the game. Not just for you, but everybody else. “

When I ask about the new clothing designs and looks he’s created for Walton Xi Huang’s ‘Young Western Kings’ he looks thoughtful for a moment, almost pensive.

“When you put on your gear it’s like you’re painting your canvas. You’re stating something about yourself. Even my motherfuckin’ sneaks are a political statement, they’re like my New American Declaration of Peace and Public Restrictions. So when the people at Walton Xi Huang came to me and asked if I would put my name to some products and design them I said ‘hell fuckin’ yeah!’ “

At this point I become aware of the presence of Bobby’s manager hovering above me and from the looks I’m getting from those two surly bodyguards I know that our interview has come to a close. When I hold out my hand to shake his he just smirks at it, looks to the others in the room and then hocks a giant pool of spit right into the centre of my hand. There is a brief second where I can’t believe the privilege and I’m still in a daze by the time my car drops me off at the office.

Bobby Raygun is a bad boy, no doubt, but there’s no disputing his genius.

You can put a bid on the handkerchief I used to wipe Bobby’s spittle off here –

You’re friend, always

Eton Smith

(originally published January 12th, 1180)

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