Film Review: Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love Movie Poster
Michael Wolfe stars in this comedy sensation from Niedriger Films.

Niedriger Films have become notorious for their feel good summer comedies and, with Michael Wolfe at the helm, Lucky in Love looks set to build on that notoriety.

Wolfe plays the down at heel Luke Hayek, a man whose shoes we’ve all been in. Hayek struggles to keep it together enough at his job as fry cook at Niedriger Burger, comedy in itself considering the company’s great training programs and staff benefits. He loses his girlfriend (the ever sultry Kelly Brand) and his apartment. Just as it looks like a stint as an executive’s Stress Suppressor on the A.S. Welfare Program, a stroke of luck in the shape of a well spent two dollars on a lottery ticket changes Hayek’s life completely.

The rest of the film plays out as that dream we’ve all had. Not only is out protagonist filthy rich with $42 million in the bank, but who ends up reporting on his successes? None other than his teenage crush Lana Ashcroft, played by the deliciously sexy yet still amiable Sandra Roberts.

It’s a brilliant “will they? Won’t they? Oh, they will? Or won’t they?” sort of movie. The comedy, as ever, plays fast and loose with the rules and we’re kept on the edge of our seats regrading taste and morality, especially (and this reviewer for one especially enjoyed these scenes) during the screen time featuring supermodel Deborah De Soto. But as with all flicks from Niedriger Films the end result is as wholesome as a Niedriger Burger Apple Flavoured Syrup Pie.

A must see for all the family.

Lucky in Love hits cinemas on July 17th

(Review originally published July 3rd, 1181)

Our Rating

9 Laugh Level

9 Feel Good Factor

8 Over The Top Moments

8 Maximum Cringe Factor

8 Sexiness

10 Bonus points for Deborah De Soto

Another hilarious comedy from Niedriger Films

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