Niedriger’s New Slaughterhouse Skyscraper?


Has Bernie met his match with Niedriger’s New Slaughterhouse Skyscraper?

If you know anything about your pal Bernie here then you’ll know that he likes his food like he likes his women, a couple of massive breasted heartstoppers with plenty of sauce. It’s no surprising, then, that I fell in love with Niedriger’s new cardiac crushing, culinary creation, the Slaughterhouse Skyscraper.

This badboy burger is perfect for you if you’re into to a swift injection of protein and those important fats for growing muscles. Two plump chicken breasts, two 100% real beef patties and woah, Niedriger’s new daddy sauce is a real delight.

I opted for the “maximus” meal deal and only just managed the two gallon of Neddy’s Nectar® and the furlong of fries all for the amazing price of £9.99.

The KidsFuntimeMegaMeal comes with a Military might action set for the boys and a Nurse Mary Shock Kit for the girls.

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