War | The ‘Midnight Ops’ edition

Soldier against sunset

A soldier standing against the burning sky at dusk.

You’ve played Call of Honour 4, right? You’ve got the maximum possible number of headshots on every level, right? You’ve slashed your way through countless foreign enemies in covert operations, right? Of course you have, and like me I’m sure you loved every second of it.

So why not try the real thing? Your government are currently operating a number of lucrative wars in various countries around the world and they need you to take part. With great holiday pay, pension plans and that all important chance to unleash molten hot lead into the bodies of those foolish enough to stand in the way of patriotism and honour you would be stupid not to sign up.

Enlist today and get access to the special ‘Midnight Ops’ edition of military deployment with 3000 rounds of free ammo, a gold plated bayonet and exclusive ‘Midnight Ops’ t-shirt.

The current allied military high-score, excluding the famous Day of Love and Glory, is currently held by sniper Chad Brunswick with an amazing 222 confirmed kills.

Have you got what it takes?

The ‘Midnight Ops’ edition is sponsored by Tími

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