What is the Hate Eighties?

The Hate Eighties are archeologists of the future using the prism of the past to reflect a bleak present you just haven’t realised you live in yet.

The Hate Eighties are an everymedia project designed for full audience interaction. They are fashion, sex, power, microwaves, tropical holidays, TV celebrity worship, and working/sleeping/recreation for eight hours apiece.

The Hate Eighties ask the hard questions; What exactly happened to the steampunk dreams of the human experience? Can we use the crude tools of corporatocratic convenience to build a better world? What if…Kanye really IS Jesus, and the rest of us can aspire to no more than dreaming our way through our grey, anaesthetised lives?

The Hate Eighties love you, and their love is plastic products, steel buildings and hexidecimal code.

They are your life.

All musical content written performed and produced by Sebastian & Lucius* except where noted.

Additional musical performers: Mark McKeown and Gill Rockatansky.


Bob Rafferty, Alan Peacock, Mark McKeown, John Urquhart Ferguson and Sara Hill

Bob Rafferty, Alan Peacock, Annmarie Burns Lochrie, John Urquhart Ferguson, Emily Rose Penn, Sara Hill

Direction, Lead Design and Visual Effects:
Bob Rafferty

Additional Visual Effects and Visual Effect Supervision:
John Urquhart Ferguson

Make Up:
Sara Hill

* Bob Rafferty & Alan Peacock

The Hate Eighties is a transmedia narrative told through three albums, a series of websites, radio shows and videos. It was created by Sebastian & Lucius and their various friends. If you are interested in getting in touch to collaborate or for booking enquiries you can either use the contact form or email info(a)hateeighties.com.